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To our valued Tenants

We offer a very high standard in our duty of care to all tenants displaying respect, confidentiality and promptness when applying for your new residence. We wish to make your experience hassle free and efficient for you and your family. We will respond to your needs as quickly as possible to make your home as comfortable and as safe as possible. In return we encourage and appreciate your respect, the same.


In order to effectively process and act on your application promptly, we encourage you to have all necessary requirements needed accompanying your application.

Renting should be a hassle free experience for you at all times. To make things easier for you we have listed some information below which should answer most of your questions.


Important Tenant Information
Contacting us

We are available by phone or email at all times or drop into our office at Shop 1/8 Herbert Street, Goondiwindi.

If your matter is urgent, please contact us at your earliest convenience, should the matter be necessary but not urgent, then please contact us in normal business hours, 9am – 5pm.


When applying for a property you must complete an application and sign it before we can process it. All persons intending on residing at a property and over the age of 18 must complete an application unless otherwise advised by Goondiwindi Property Rentals.


All Applicants will need to provide 100 points of identification including photo identification, proof of current address and proof of income on applying for a residence.

  • Identification accepted – (Photo) Driver's Licence, Passport, Shooters Licence, etc.

  • Other Identification – Medicare Card, Pension Card, Bank/Credit Cards, Youth Card, etc.

  • Proof of Address – Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Current Lease or Tenancy Agreement, Bond Receipt or Rental Receipts.

  • Proof of Income – Pay slips, Bank Statements, Centre-Link Statements, etc.


Reference details on your application is absolutely necessary. We need to conduct reference checks on all applicants for a property in order to process your application. When naming a referee on your application you need to notify that person/s of your intention to give their details and that we will be contacting them on your behalf.


Referees must be an unbiased nominee that have had significant dealings with you and or your family or reasonable history with you and that is current not past. Referees should be able to comment on your current housing situation or your current employment situation or on your current financial situation without hesitation or with relative knowledge.


Possible Referees include:

  • Current or past (2 Year Maximum) Rental Real Estate Agent

  • Current Real Estate Agent with whom you may be selling through

  • Employer or employment colleagues

  • Support Organisations ie Care Goondiwindi, Centrelink etc.

  • Businesses you hold financial records/history with

  • Community groups/Sporting colleagues

NB: We will not accept referee nominees of family and friends unless previously discussed with us and special circumstances permit.

Rental Payments
Your tenancy agreement states that you are required to pay rent on time and in advance at all times. This can be paid weekly or fortnightly. Monthly only by agreement with the office (also stated on your agreement). If at any time you need to change or discuss your rental payments, please contact us ASAP. We require you to pay your rent by Automatic debit transfer (set up with your bank), EFT, cash or EFTPOS (available in office). With this many options available there is no excuse for late or missed rental payments.



Rental Bond is a lump sum payment (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) and is a form of security for the landlord. The bond is lodged with the department of fair trading and is refunded at the end of your tenancy after the final exit inspection is carried out and only if no breach to your agreement has occurred.

Periodic inspections will be carried out to check on maintenance of the property and general condition. The first inspection will occur six weeks into your agreement and quarterly after the initial inspection and during the course of your agreement.


By law we reserve the right to hold duplicate keys for all rental properties, in case of an emergency or if access is required. If you need to borrow these keys for special circumstances, you can contact us. The keys will need to be returned within 24 hours. You will be required to sign them out and back in. Should you need to change locks to your rental property under special circumstances, you will need to seek permission from Goondiwindi Property Rentals and you will need to provide a duplicate set of any new keys to us.


Electricity, Phone and Gas
It is the responsibility of the tenant to have these services connected to your new residence, prior to your occupancy and disconnected at the end of your occupancy to ensure correct meter readings and billing.


Maintenance & Repairs
When renting a property the general maintenance and condition of the property during your lease period is the tenant's responsibility – the yard, lawns and gardens etc., unless otherwise advised by Goondiwindi Property Rentals.

Any repairs that are required must be requested in writing or by e-mail. Maintenance request forms are our preferred method. It is essential that you inform us immediately of any repairs needed to ensure your residence is maintained well and so that small problems don't escalate.


Urgent repairs, i.e. burst water pipe or dangerous electrical faults, will be acted on verbally and actioned ASAP. We will than complete the written request afterwards. Unavoidable delays for some situations, either tradesperson or parts, do happen and we will try our hardest to avoid a situation of delay. Please remember that when an arrangement is made for a tradesperson to enter your property to carry out work that you keep that arrangement.

Routine Inspections throughout your tenancy

We will conduct routine inspections throughout your tenancy. A routine inspection is necessary for a number of reasons. The most important of these reasons is to check on maintenance required to the property throughout your tenancy. We also conduct routine inspections to report to the owner of the property on a regular basis. We reserve the right to conduct inspections every twelve weeks.  We are always negotiable on times and days to suit our tenants, entry notices are emailed to you with plenty of notice prior to an inspection and we appreciate acknowledgement of receiving your notice. Please see our Routine Inspection Checklist for more information.


As the landlord will have his/her insurance in place for the property, it is not his/her responsibility to have your personal effects and property insured. We strongly recommend that you have your personal household property insured to ensure security of loss or damage. Should you require help with this, please ask us.


The End of Tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a legal and biding document which protects you and the landlord.

Should unforeseen circumstances occur during your agreement and you wish or need to vacate the premises before the end of tenancy, you need to contact us immediately. We will, depending on the situation, find a replacement tenant – however you are responsible for the property and the rent until such a tenant is approved for the residence by Goondiwindi Property Rentals.


If your vacating is under normal circumstances and at the end of your agreement then you will be required to give written notice of your intention to vacate. Please speak with us as to your notice period and ending your agreement.

We hope we find your new residence for you and your experience will be a happy one.

You may like to take a look at our Vacating Tenant Check List for tips on what to do when it's time to move out.


Thank you for renting with Goondiwindi Property Rentals!

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