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Routine Inspection Check List

As the tenant you are responsible to keep your rental property in the same condition it was in when you moved in, fair wear and tear expected.

We expect a property to be lived in during your tenancy as it is your home, however making an effort particularly prior to routine inspections is expected.

  •  Professional carpet cleaning – it is advisable to have carpets cleaned during a tenancy as at the end of tenancy,       leaving build up may result in stains and marks.

  •  Pest control – if you have had pets at the property you are responsible to have flea control/spray done during the   tenancy if required as it is on vacating.

  •  Hard floors – mopped

  •  Hand basins, toilets, showers/baths clean

  •  Exterior of all cupboards and drawers

  •  Venetian/ vertical blinds

  •  Lawns, edges and gardens (weeded) (mulched if required), no grass heaps

  •  Wheelie bins stored appropriately , no rubbish around the yard

  •  Stove, griller and oven clean

  •  Ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air conditioning vents clean

  •  Light shades and fittings clean


 Some common forgotten spots...

  •  Window ledges, skirting boards and kick boards

  •  Garage floors, cobwebs, garden sheds – tidy

  •  Exhaust fans

  •  All final rubbish removal

If the property is not satisfactory upon inspection we will let you know and most likely send you a letter after the inspection. We will expect any issues to be addressed immediately and will re inspect to check these issues are rectified.

Please ensure if you have any maintenance requests or concerns that you have them in writing on the form provided for us at the inspection, alternatively you can submit them online at your convenience.


We will pass on all maintenance requests to the landlord in a timely manner. We appreciate pets to be restrained on inspection. 

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