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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

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Cleaning your A/C's

Coming into the new season we recommend getting ahead of the new season Filth! Cleaning the A/C Filters is the Tenants responsibility and is essential for fresh and clean air. You'd be surprised how quickly the dust builds up in these filters! It is recommended to clean your split system vents at least seasonally. Be sure to wipe over your Split System, take the filters out and wash them. Once dry, place back into the System and you're all done! Easy as

Evaporative cooling units in the cooler weather

Coming into the cooler weather we recommend closing the vents if they are the movable type. Or using plastic bags to individually cover the removable vents that aren't able to be closed. This prevents the cooler air from entering the house when you're not using the Evap.

Stained shower screens

Having trouble scrubbing off those nasty water stains on your shower screen? We know of a secret weapon that can help 😏 Pool Chlorine works wonders on that Calcium build up! Give it a try and comment your results below.

Gas stove tops and mess

Use foil on your gas stove top to prevent the mess of cooking, It's so easy to clean!

Evaporative Cooling Units-

•Ceiling vents – cleaning is a tenant responsibility and keeping them clean during tenancy is important for clean healthy air flow. Some suggestions for cleaning, wiping over regularly with a damp cloth, pulling vent fins out and washing through dishwasher or soaking in laundry tub or bathtub, dry prior to re installing into ceiling.

•Leaving windows open to properly ventilate the house – Some windows throughout the house should be left partially open to allow warm indoor air to escape as it is replaced by cooled air.

•When to use your Evaporative - Do not use your Evaporative while it is raining or when the weather is overly humid. This draws too much water into the cooling unit and can result in mould and other issues. Please use your Evaporative in dry weather.

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